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adding ANY and ALL filter operators

It would be nice to filter on the properties of 1-n related enities. [Even if it is a collection of entites and not a single (1-1 related) entity.]

With my suggestion it would be possible to execute the following queries:

•find all movies starring a particular actor
•find all orders where at least one of the order-lines is for a particular product
•find all orders where every order-line has a value greater than $400
•find all movies tagged 'quirky' - where Tags is a multi-valued property.
•find all movies with a least one actor tagged as a favorite

It would be great having these OData v3 ANY/ALL filter operators.

I have tested Breeze using ASP.NET WepAPI and the server OData endpoint already supports ANY/ALL filter operator.

Please implement at least on remote queries!

p.s.: JayData already supports them under the name .some() and .every()

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  • SteveB commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I confirmed that the any/all feature works via the browser/odata against the server I use for my breeze client. And, this is the default breeze server implementation -- using Breeze.WinApi.dll (ASPNET webapi, entity framework). IOW, the only part of the stack that needs updating is breezejs. Don't even need to update Breeze.WinApi.dll!

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