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RaisePropertyChanged in Client entities

I find impossible to use Breeze because my business model is based on shared entities.
In order to make Breeze work on the client, the entities have to inherit from BaseEntity.
Which is not a big problem since it can be done with partial classes.
The real issues are:
- It's impossible to reuse existing properties. In my scenario I'm using Fody.PropertyChanged to render all my auto-properties as INPCs. With Breeze, all getters have to call GetValue and setters SetValue.
- Had the BaseEntity exposed a RaisePropertyChanged method, and I could at least call SetValue on that method.

So my suggestion is:
- To allow bypassing calling GetValue and instead using the object's
getter directly
- Expose a protected virtual RaisePropertyChanged method, that is used as a proxy for raising the PropertyChanged event.

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